Strength of R&D

The dedicated spirit of products leads engineering mixing

The dedicated spirit of products leads engineering mixing

Focusing on engineering mixing and extending the research and development direction of the products, NFLG has fully mastered concrete mixing, dry-mixed mortar mixing, asphalt mixing, crushing and sand making, solid waste recycling and other core technologies. Meanwhile, it has the comprehensive strength integrating research & development, design, manufacture, and service as a whole.

Comprehensive and perfect scientific research system

Based on the technical research and development center, NFLG has set up a research and development system integrating five scientific research institutions as a whole: Innovation Base for Mechanical Engineering Graduate Students, Nante Building Material Equipment Research Institute, Green Building Material Equipment Research Institute, Research and Development Center for Solid Recycling Equipment, and Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation.

Integration and combination of technical resources

To respond to the trend of the world economic integration, NFLG has integrated technologies and resources with an eclectic attitude, changed the focus of engineering mixing to the aggregate field, entered the crushing and sand making industry, and cooperated with the international top enterprises – TEREX in America and KEMCO in Japan. The company has introduced the frontier technologies in the world and carried out technical transformation and innovation to promote the company's sustainable development in the future.

Industry-university-research cooperation

NFLG has established a close technical exchange and cooperation mechanism with well-known universities and research institutions including Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter (Haixi Institute) of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tongji University, Chang'an University, Xiamen University, and Huaqiao University to provide a strong basic technical guarantee for NFLG to lead engineering mixing.

215 patents

Innovation is the soul of enterprise survival and development and also an important rule for enterprises to survive in a rapidly changing market. NFLG, since its establishment, has paid more attention to technical research & development and innovation. So far, it has obtained a total of 215 patents, including 199 utility model patents, 5 design patents, and 11 invention patents.

10 national and industrial standards

NFLG has also participated in formulating and issuing 10 national and industrial standards, making outstanding contributions to the whole industry system.

Digital production

Based on the advanced numerical control devices, NFLG has set up information-, data-, and intelligence-oriented digital workshops and promoted the further integration of information technology and manufacturing technology to make manufacturing more precise, fast and efficient and the manufacturing system more flexible, agile and intelligent through advanced productivity, thereby improving the manufacturing precision and quality of products and accelerating the profound transformation of manufacturing mode in the end.


The CNC sheet metal production line

The CNC sheet metal production line provides a full set of automatic intelligent equipment, including imported CNC laser cutting machines, CNC plasma cutting machines, CNC bending machines, and four-roller plate rewinders to promote the standardization of cutting process.


The CNC structural section cutting production line

The CNC structural section cutting production line uses the CNC automation equipment to greatly improve the accuracy and ensure the quality.


The CNC machining production line

The CNC machining production line uses the large CNC floor milling & boring machine, CNC horizontal turning & boring mill, CNC vertical turning & boring mill and as the like as the main production equipment to significantly improve the manufacturing precision and quality of products.



NFLG's automatic welding production line consisting of imported welding robots, welding machines and other international advanced equipment can perform 24h' unattended operations, greatly improving the quality and efficiency of welding equipment. The main mixing barrel has undergone 100% machine welding. Compared with the traditional welding process, the diagonal error of the welded mixing barrel reduces from 5mm to 1mm, reaching the highest level in the industry.


The coating production line

The coating production line uses advanced automatic water-vortex feeding & coating equipment to perform automatic feeding on large work pieces through CNC control, thereby ensuring the coating quality, reducing air pollution, and improving the working environment.


The special process production line

New changes in NFLG's digital workshop production and management include the collaborative upgrade of hardware production equipment in combination with 6S precise management in workshops and the collaborative operation of SAP, OA and PLM software systems and the MES management system under construction.

Cloud platform

NFLG develops a cloud platform service system

This system is based on automatic control and Internet of Things to collect parameters relating to equipment operating and health conditions and send data to a cloud server through Internet and wireless networks for the technical and service team to analyze, thereby actively providing customers' equipment with value-added services, including remote diagnosis, equipment maintenance, energy conservation and assistant operation management.

  • Provide remote services through the cloud platform.
  • Perform online monitoring in real time.
  • Provide equipment fault diagnosis at the first time
  • Enable backstage technologists to guide onsite personnel for troubleshooting.

Efficient "nanny" service

  • Remotely monitor equipment health conditions
  • Detect and analyze equipment operating conditions
  • Regularly evaluation equipment status
  • Provide early warning for production and operation personnel

Preventative service

  • Use the efficient warning function
  • Provide enough maintenance plans
  • Monitor and collect operating condition parameters in real time and timely correct improper parameters

Panoramic service in 360 degrees